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We can easily recognize that Textile inks must be made with richer color, because unlike glossy photographic paper, Textile media does not have that degree of reflectance.

With this in mind, we created the Neon Series for print and fabric with color inks not found from other inkjet ink manufactures. These colors, like Fuscia, Purple, Blue-Violet, and Hot Pink have augmented the color spectrum with vibrancy far greater than any other inks. While we have placed great emphasis on color our Black ink offers rich values that enhances the depth of colors and our Software allows you to print pure Black and White designs.

Our Neon Acid inks are very much on the same line as our Neon Sampling.

To get the most out of these inks we suggest using our Rip software.

Sublimation inks have many uses and are being used in more applications. We offer a set of inks that conform to the color channel of most printers. These sets allow you to use a standard printing method i.e. Photoshop, instead of a Rip.

However, I recommend checking out our multi-channel ink set for the Epson 9900 with our wider color range. Most Dye Sub inks have are made from the same colorants and therefore have the same gamut. We found that we could expand the gamut with our Ultra Wide Gamut Ink Set.

Part of our service is free custom color profiles. Once you buy into our system we offer our services for profile making. To know more about this area go to Software Color Management fro the menu above.

Click the buttons on the left to choose the ink sets that you are interested in.

Below are three images portraying low gamut, standard gamut, and Ultra Wide Gamut virtually fluorescent . The first image any set of inks can print. The second set most bright inks, especially our standard neon can print, but the third set will only be reproduced properly from our Ultra Inks. Even Dye sub or Reactive inks will not be able to reproduce the fluorescent pinks.

Looking at the two image below again demonstrates the difference of Standard Inks to our Ultra Neon. Ultra Neon uses a very bright Lime-Green and bright Blue-Violet. These are just a few examples of what different Neon Inks can yield. In most cases Standard will out shine any other inks, but in all cases Ultra Neon will dominate the spectrum. When your choosing the ink set for your printer or choosing what printer you will will  buy, you can use these images as a criteria for your decision. Remember not every image has such a wide dynamic.

Here are 3 images that you can expect to reproduce extremely well and vibrantly from our Standard Set of Inks.

Textile Neon Inks - Taking Color to the Max! Neon99, The Flagship, offers more Pantone Textile Colors And More Colors Indicative to the Textile Industry. Contact Us: American Inkjet Systems, Inc. 34 Chestnut Avenue	 Emerson, NJ 07630 Tel: 201 263-9177  9 Am to 7 PM 201 753-4600 10 AM to 7 PM

Neon Inks can print with greater Purity and Vibrancy than any other Ink Set.
Over 630.000 Colors on Matte Media- Colors Never Before Printable.

More Colors on Fabrics

You now can reproduce soft and subtle images as well as the most Vibrant out of gamut colors.

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