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Maintenance - Repair- Printer Parts

American Inkjet Systems, AIS, has been involved in the repair and maintenance of Epson Printers for over 15 years. We have received thousands of calls and Emails from all over the world regarding printer issues. One of the benefits of our support system is building of an increasing data base of information about these printers, “the good, the bad, and the ugly.”  All this information we pass on to you.

We also perform studies on third party inks. We test their color density, luminosity, filtration, viscosity, and surface tension. This helps us understand whether their is a potential problem that can occur.

Having serviced the numerous printers through the years has given us a significant understanding of their structure and has aided our ability to guide you through problems.

We have guides on repairing various printers and will be adding more information constantly.

We offer printer parts from motors to dampers.

We are always adding information to our menu, so please send us requests for topics that concern you.