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Symphonic Film Positive Deep Black Ink Epson and Piezo Printers Size: 1 Gallon Price $240  1. Size: 8 oz Price $25.00  3. Lubricating Fluid Code: LF  3.		Lubricating Fluid Size: 16 oz Price $40.00  3. Size: 32 oz Price $70.00  3. Size: 1 Gallon Price $180  3.

Symphonic Deep Black is a high quality UV resistant ink which will print onto most film media.

Because Film positive printing require only Black Ink the other channels would best be filled with our Lubricating Fluid with our Flo-Guard. The advantage is that our Lubricating Fluid will maintain a moist capping station thereby preventing the head from drying out and thus reducing the potential for clogging.

We would suggest that you purchase a bulk ink refillable cartridge set for your printer that comes with cleaner designed to flush and clean the ink lines, the dampers, the head, and the capping station all at the same time. When finished with the cleaning process as described in the package, you will fill the cartridges with Black Ink and Lubricating Fluid.

If your nozzles are clogged on your printer order the tinted cleaning fluid and follow the procedure to cleaning the head.

There are links below the ink pricing to Cleaning Cartridges which will get you what you need if you have clogged nozzles and links to Refillable Cartridges if you do not have clogged nozzles.

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