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Setting up AIS Neon99 on the 7900/9900

The AIS Neon99 comes with Cleaning Fluid Cartridges, Ink Cartridges, and Software. The setup and the profiles are contained on a separate disc.

A print server may be added to the setup.

You need to have a PC print server that ideally has a SSD Drive, 8 gigs of Ram and a fairly strong processor, i5 or i7. If you do not have the ability to set one up, we can offer you our Neon Server. One Server can handle two printers.

The Printer or Printers can be connected by USB or Ethernet.

AIS Neon99 is presented in two packages:

Package 1:

This package comes with Cleaning Cartridges, Ink Cartridges, and Software. The setup involves prepping the printer for Neon99 which in tales flushing the printer with the cleaning cartridges and then installing the ink cartridges. The cleaning process is necessary whether the printer is new or used. The procedure takes approximately 1 - 2 hours per printer.

The second part of the setup is the loading of the server software and profiles on your designated computer, followed by loading the layout software on your design stations. This process varies in time based on the amount of stations and the way your printers are networked.

A setup with one server and two design stations should take about 1 to 2 hours.

Basic training in the use of the software is about 1 to 2 hours.

Training the basic guide lines in handling and maintaining the printer is about ½ hour.

Included in the package is a guideline book with the basic needed information to refer to as needed.

Package 2:

This package differs only in the addition of setting up an AIS Print Server. The AIS print server offers the power to process multiple files small or large without restriction of processing data to the extensive multi-channel profile.

Tel: 201 263-9177    9AM to 7PM 201 753-4600   10AM to 7PM

The Cost

AIS Neon System


AIS Neon99 Rip with Configuration and profile


Initial Ink and Cleaning Fluid Cartridges


Second Set of Ink Cartridges


Initial day and half setup and training


Additional Elements

AIS Rip Server with Monitor


Modified Standard Computer Server and monitor


Additional AIS Neon99 Rip Custom Profiles


Additional Inks

Additional 340 ml cartridges


Additional 340 ml Cleaning Cartridge


Additional 32 oz bottles of ink


1st Year Support*

$ 0.0

Additional Year Support**

$ 1,200.0

Cartridges are setup with 440 ml to insure improved pressure and refilled back to 440 ml.

Initial setup requires flushing the printer whether it is a new printer or a used one.

Having a second set of cartridges assures for smooth continuous production.

Installation and training is aimed at meeting the requirements of each client and making the staff aware of what is and is not possible with the rip software.

The AIS Rip Server is necessary only when large production files cannot be handled by a standard computer. Running RGB files that are converted to our unique 8-color profile can stress the processor and hard drive. The AIS Server can handle large files with greater speed.

*Support entails the following:

*Support does not include Head Replacement. That is covered by the Epson Printer Warrantee. The good news is Epson will service a printer using third party inks. A ruling was made by the court that Epson must repair their printer whether third party inks are used.