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Replacing Chips on Cartridges

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You need a razor blade or a matte knife blade.

Place the edge of a razor under the corner of a chip and gently lift it up a little.

Gently slide the razor a little more under the chip. Do  not try to remove it yet.

With the razor underneath and your finger on the front end push down with your finger to try to pop the chip straight up.

Make sure there is some gum left under the chip.

Now that the chip is removed, replace the chip with a new one. Push the U shape part of the chip under the block and gently push down on the back end where the hole goes over the pin. It should go smoothly down, but if it does not then you will need to ream out the hole a little more. You an use the edge of a razor or matte knife.

Make sure the chip is secure. Tap on the back side of the cartridge. You should be good to go.