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Advanced System Optimizer has numerous utilities built into it. For relatively little cost it offers a great deal. It is a good idea to check the performance of your hard drive for its performance. Advance System Optimizer also has this utility. Hot CPU can test the performance of your CPU and prevent let you know if your computer is suseptable to degradation. Computer Utilities to Help Make your Computer Run Better Acronis offers a number of utilites in their Software package, True Image. Their cloning process is straight forward to use. T Core Temp is a free software that monitors your CPU for activity and Temperature. You can program the software to shut down the CPU if it reaches a dangerous temperature. Revo Uninstaller will help you uninstall a program and also uninstall parts of the software hiding in the Registry. You should be careful not to uninstall common files. Contact Us: American Inkjet Systems, Inc. 34 Chestnut Avenue	 Emerson, NJ 07630 Tel: 201 263-9177  9 Am to 7 PM 201 753-4600 10 AM to 7 PM