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Designs by: and CDdesigns

These are but a few designs that can only be printed with the brilliance

Of the Original with Neon99

American Inkjet Systems, AIS, has partnered with Kim Designs for our portfolio of designs printed with the AIS Neon inks. Kim Designs is the world’s premier design house. Great selling design’s start here Your products-our patterns! Please note for all designs shown, copyrights are retained by Kim Designs.

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Most people are only aware of inks made by the printer manufacturers. Those inks are not made for Textile Pre-press on Matte Papers and cannot reproduce accurately numerous colors used in textile. Here is where Neon-P Series inks upsets the apple cart with a whole new level of brilliance, blacks that reach the greatest depth, and the ability to reproduce hundreds of thousands of pure bright and subtle colors .

How this benefits you, is your print outs sent to your fabric manufacturer will be more accurate to the design file. This may save time, reduce waste, and ultimately save you money.

Neon inks is not new, it has been used by textile companies and design studios for over 5 years, but what is new is our advanced Neon, known as Neon99 that expands the color spectrum with special added inkjet color inks, like Fuscia, Hot Pink, iridescent Blue Violet, Tangerine Orange, and Rich Reds.

Neon99 is ideal for bathing suits, lingerie, and apparel that require the widest color gamut (spectrum). That is why we say “Neon99 Textile Ink is Always in the Now as well as the Past and Future”

Standard Neon inks are brighter, richer and once again offer the deepest Blacks. While these inks will cover a wide spectrum, they do not offer the extreme of Neon99. Standard Neon can be printed with any Rip as well as printing through Photoshop.

For Neon99 which possesses a unique ink pallet, we have integrated Rip software with our setups that allows you a smooth transition into printing, but even though we say easy, our support team will work with you every step of the way.

If you want to learn more about Neon call us at 201 263-9177.

“AIS Neon Textile Inks are Always in the Now

as well as the Past and Future”

Below is a brief introduction to Neon Inks

Let’s look at some image colors below you might want to print accurately and with brilliance. The original files are even more brilliant than we can portray on the web. We did not place soft and subtle colors on the page, because they are a no-brainer to print with Neon ink. We mainly placed colors that are brilliant. We also invite you to send us a file to see your own images printed with Neon inks.

I am, Yimin, an Artist and Cad Designer. I have been in the textile industry for many years and am working for a major textile company in New York City. Neon inks allow me to be able to reproduce my original art work with brilliance and color accuracy that no other inkjet ink set can accomplish. I will tell you, everyone in textile Cad and design will greatly benefit from using Neon Inks. You will find the extensive knowledge and support from American Inkjet Systems, AIS, to be extremely valuable. They are helpful even when we need support after hours.

“I drew the picture of the peacock with very rich colors especially blues. This drawing is for a woman’s shirt and needs to be very vibrant. The reproduction using Neon inks is just like my art work. No other ink set has been capable of accomplishing that.”