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Neon Acid Ultra Wide Gamut Inks

8 Color Printers

Using 6 Primary Colors

Epson,  Mimaki, Mutoh, and Roland

This ink set offers a much wider gamut than printer manufacture’s inks with deeper Blacks and richer colors. This Ultra Wide Gamut ink set surpasses all other inks by a large margin except for our 10 color set. Neon Ultra not only offers a wide range of rich colors and of course a very wide range of light and middle shades.

Neon Ultra benefits from our very bright colors such as Fuscia, Hot Pink, Blue Violet and Bright Red.

Cartridges for these printers are available on our Bulk Ink Systems Menu on top.

Mimaki JV33

Brilliant Textile Inks For
Silk and Nylon

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Epson 7880/9880

Epson 7890/9890

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