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Epson 7900/9900 10 HexaColor Ink Set Neon Paper and Fabric Wide Gamut Sampling Inks  Epson Replacement Ink Set Complete Setup for First Time Purchase Self Refilling or Pre-filled Cartridge We offer a complete setup of everything you need to make a change over to Symphonic Neon. Standard Refill Cartridges Kit

These cartridges hold over 600 ml of ink and can be reused for years, although we may suggest replacing a cartridge at a certain time.

The cartridge are like Epson’s in that the ink is in a bag kept away from the air pressure.

Refilling and resetting the cartridge is easy.

An Epson cartridge reads empty with as much as 80 to 100 ml of ink left in the cartridge that you don’t get and you paid for.

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