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Understanding UltraMax II Pigments:

When creating UltraMax II inks we decided to choose a pigment that possessed the qualities you would expect when choosing Ferrari paint for your car, durability, long life, able to withstand heat and humidity without being depleted of color, and finally brilliance in color. Some of the values of this ink set besides the obvious of archival printing and outdoor signage is its ability to be used for numerous applications which includes the use of high heat treatment. The UltraMax II formulas produce a more flexible surface. You can wrap canvas without the fear of cracking. UltraMax II Golden and Sunflower Yellow offer brilliance and greater longevity than Epson’s Yellow  So, here we have one ink set that can be used for numerous niche markets. Oh, yes, it costs us more, but not you.

Our colors can easily be profiled and you will enjoy wide gamut and rich color.

Yellow has always been the weak link in color depth and longevity. The first set of Yellow Pigment inks made by Epson  back in the 9500 series utilized a green shade dull, but long life Yellow. It did not have the ability to blend with Magenta to make a good red. Epson then produced a bright Yellow of not so long life, that made a much better red, but greatly decreased the longevity of the ink set.

We decided not to compromise on longevity or richness, so we manufactured a unique Yellow by blending special Yellow pigments together. The result is a complete ink set that has Richness, Brilliance and the longest life of any ink set.

If you are serious about producing Archival Prints, this is unequivocally the definitive ink set. 

We did not stop at inks, we believed that this ink set should be controlled by a better Rip, so we worked with a great team to develop Symphonic Evolution. The combination of our Symphonic Inks and our Rip produces, the finest dot pattern, rich brilliant color, open shadow detail, and pure Black and White prints.  See Giclée Evolution Rip  For in depth understanding See The Advanced Printing Technology

Everyone talks about their product, but the truth is in the image, so if you are interested in what we have to offer request sample prints and see for yourself. You can download our test images to compare print quality.

Call or Mail us and we will send you a set of samples.

We produce a wide range of water based inks. We suggest you read some of the topics regarding the different ink sets and request a set of samples.

For Archival light fast Inks choose UltraMaxII Pigments come in Wide Gamut and Ultra Wide Gamut depending on the printer you have.

Seeing is Believing
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