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AIS is a chemical and Color Technology Company. What makes us unique in pushing the envelope in Color Gamut, is  our intense knowledge of Rip and Color Management and how we integrated them together.

For over 15 years we have been making inks and cleaning fluids. As inkjet printers have improved, there has been a need for improved formulations. Our cleaning fluids are known world wide for their effectiveness and where we originally made one cleaning fluid, we now make a variety to cover every need. They solve a problem that no manufacturer wants to admit to.

Our exotic Neon Inks have been specially manufactured from textile dyes and have been processed to be ideal for inkjet printing. That is why Neon Inks are the most brilliant color ever used in inkjet printing.

For our UltraMaxII Pigment Inks we choose the purest pigment raw material devoid of fillers and processed them into the most brilliant high Chroma inks.

We make water based inks using safe chemicals. For instance: Humectants and glycols are used in ink formulations. The ones we use can be found in the food and the cosmetic industry. While these chemicals are more expensive they are human friendly. What you may not realize is you are breathing in the degassing of the ink chemicals from your prints. Few ink companies revel the health factors in their formulations. Health problems do not occur instantly but build over time.

We are constantly testing new chemicals to improve our products and when it comes to filtering we are fanatical. Our inks and cleaners are filtered to the smallest nano size. All of our ink production is lab tested before packing to insure perfection.

We have topics in our Learning Center that go into more detail if you are interested.

AIS Symphonic Inkjet Ink Technology Tel: 201 263-9177  9 Am to 7 PM 201 753-4600 10 AM to 7 PM

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