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  1. The real scoop about longevity.
  2. American Ink Jet inks light resistance
  3. Understanding  The Makeup of Gray ink   - What is  it made from - What effect does it have on Bronzing and Light Stability.
  4. Different approaches to Black and White Printing.
  5. What Color Inks are ideal for Fine Art Printing.
  6. Join the Color Revolution and Push Color to the Max
  7. What the salesperson won’t tell you and you need to know.
  8. Help and Support Questions , Answers, and Testimonials
  9. Photoshop with the Epson Driver vs. A Rip.
  10.  Xrite and Epson – Pantone/Pre-Press vs. - CMYK or RGBYK?
  11. Preventing and Removing Inkjet Head Clogs.
  12. Issue with the new 9900 Series heads from Epson

Digital Imaging Learning Center Topics on Rips, Inks Technology, Color Management, Creating Profiles, Printing Through Photoshop, Printer Maintenance and much more

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