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AIS introduces Neon99:

American Inkjet Systems, AIS, has developed an innovative, vibrant ink technology that has unlocked the constraints of traditional inks and print processes. This ink set, designated Neon99, reproduces more Pantone Colors and Colors you have never been able to print, from the most subtle to the most vibrant offering over 600,000 Colors on textile prepress matte paper. Neon99 reproduces colors with greater purity. Even subtle colors have greater liveliness, because they are devoid of color contamination.

While Neon99 offers far greater color spectrum, it costs less than Epson Inks.

AIS Neon99 ink set is our flagship of all our Neon Inks. It designed for the textile industry, compatible with Epson wide format printers, and for use on both paper and fabrics. While Neon99 is the ultimate in color gamut, we offer Neon inks for every Epson printer in both Wider Gamut and Ultra Wide.

Here is a brief description of all Neon Inks and software:

Neon99 Software Addition:

Because Neon99 adds more and different colors into the pallet, a special rip is needed to unlock those channels. Most rips do not have this ability. This is the main reason for the utilization of our Rip whether for Neon99 or for our 8 and 10 color Neon Textile. Custom profiles for your media will be made for you. Setup and training is part of the package.

Neon Ink change over:

It takes approximately 20 to 30 minutes to accomplish the change over depending on whether the printer is new or used if all nozzles are firing.

The process of changing over from Epson ink to Neon is quite simple. We provide flushing cartridges which is placed in the printer and an Init fill is initiated. This is the same process that the printer performed when it was new. Once the flushing fluid has competed filling up the printer, the ink cartridges are placed in and an Init fill again is initiated. Usually at this point you are ready to go.

You can easily switch from Epson ink to Neon to most any water based ink with no problem.

Neon Inks for 8 Color Printers:

Neon inks for 8 color printers have been in use for over 8 years. It has been offered as a standard replacement for Epson 8 color pallet to accommodate your standard software. The result of Neon Standard ink set over Epson’s Colors, is brighter colors, rich reds, blues and green as well as other mixes. It also offers deeper blacks. The color Gamut is second to only our own Neon 9900 and third to our Neon99.

It has also been available with a special Ultra Wide Gamut Pallet for printing onto fabrics and silks using our special Rip. While cotton is only to be used for sampling silk can be made permanent by steaming.

Neon Inks for Epson 10 Color 7900/9900 Printers:

Neon inks for the Epson 10 Color printers have been in use from the beginning of Epson’s introduction. Here too we offered a compatible ink set that allows you to utilize your standard software. The advantage of our Neon standard is yet a wider gamut than our standard 8 color and far more vibrant than Epson inks. It is only second to our Neon99.

Neon standard inks can be used to print cotton and silk fabric as well as paper. While cotton is only to be used for sampling silk can be made permanent by steaming.

Neon99 Inks for the Epson 7900/9900 printers:

This ink set has been made up of the brightest dyes some of which come from the textile industry to produce the most vivid and most accurate reproductions of color. Because of the nature of these inks, they can only be printed on our special configuration of Epson’s 10 Color 7900 and 9900. Also because of this unique configuration you need a rip that unlocks the channels such as the one we offer.


Rohan Sinnaih of Jones Apparel first response was WOW. He said, “The purity of color is there, even the soft colors are clean, not contaminated.”  

Jannet Anderson from Cranston - Hi Scott, I also wanted to let you know that I took a quick look at the new colors and WOW are they great!

Lynn Boudreau designer for Hasbro and Creative Director of AIS responds, “Everyone who sees the sample Neon99 prints is overwhelmed saying, Beautiful-WOW .”

Converting a printer to AIS Neon99 is easy.  You should be up and printing within a day. The AIS Neon System is all inclusive.

American Inkjet Systems is a full service company offering:

                         • State of the art Digital Imaging Technology                   

                         • Comprehensive RIP, Color Management, and Software Support

                         • One stop sourcing for Inks, Dyes, Paper and Textile Media

                         • Hardware Installations, Maintenance, Parts and Technical Support

                         • Training Facilities with Programs customized to meet your requirements

                         • Quarterly Maintenance Program to keep printers clean and performing correctly.


AIS invites you to e-mail us a design, which we will print and return to you for your personalized evaluation.

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If you have any questions concerning our products and services, please call 201-263-9177.

Thank you,

Steve Saltman

These are but a few designs that can only be printed

With Neon99

American Inkjet Systems, AIS, has partnered with Kim Designs for our portfolio of designs printed with the AIS Neon inks. Kim Designs is the world’s premier design house. Great selling design’s start here Your products-our patterns! Please note for all designs shown, copyrights are retained by Kim Designs.


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