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"We started with a better idea."

We listened to what you, our clients, needed.

 Then, we provided those products.

We did not copy an OEM or anyone.
We created a series of the Most Dynamic Inkjet Inks for each Industry.
We innovated and created the Symphonic Inkjet Printing Solution for
Photography, Fine Art, Signage, Pre-Press, Textile Sampling, and Textile Fabric.


· High Quality Inkjet Inks specifically formulated for each Industry, with colors never before introduced in inkjet printing resulting in greater richness, higher reflectivity, brilliance, and wider gamut.

· A Powerful User Friendly Rip with greater ink control.

Our own custom Bulk Ink Systems for reliable ink delivery.

Custom Profiles for CMYK, Black and White, and Multi-Channel.

Printer Maintenance with Service Manuals, CLF007 the most effective cleaning fluid, and Replacement Parts.

· Technology, Knowledge and Support - Support - Support

Introduction to American Inkjet Systems
Digital Technology

The most important aspect to what we have to offer you is helping you maintain your printers and produce the best output images, as well as helping you grow, and compete successfully. We can give you the edge you need in this economy. We work with professionals as well as beginners. Many of our clients have been able to grow in this tenuous economy. One small design firm started out the year 20% below last years growth and now, as the year ends, they are 40% above. That is a 60% growth. Another company that stands out is also growing and has reported savings of thousands of dollars per month. We hear many stories such as these.

We have years of experience in Printing, Rips, and Color Management, not only in RGB, CMYK, Black and White, but in Multi-channel Colors. We were to develop the Symphony 12 Color Printer System with brilliant colors such as Lime Green, Crimson, Violet, Golden Yellow, and in all over 16 spot colors.

Hear is what a few of our clients have to say:  

Giles Prett of Crane Paper Company: "Symphonic UltraMax II Ink screams with color and greater dimension."

Bridget Sue Lambert, master printer of AARP: "Our clients marvel at our vibrant prints and sales are up."

Terry Schopper, master fine art reproductions: "My reproductions using Symphonic ink looks and feels like the real thing."

Tohru Nakamura, photographer who won several art direction awards: "My Lipstick and Cherry Photograph printed with Symphonic UltraMax II inks looks better than the Cibachromes I had originally made. The reds and greens glow." 

Stuart Penney, CEO of SMP Graphics Service Bureau: "I have used Symphonic UltraMax II inks for all our Reproductions and Signage. It lasts, Its rich, and my clients love it."

Henry Schweber, photographer retired enjoys photography has printed for years: "Scott I finally got it working. Best print I ever made."

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We pride ourselves in being able to technically support and design products that enable our clients to be successful. To this end, we created the Symphonic Solution.

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